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Whole House Audio
Thanks Nerd ! (sorry, always wanted to say that :) )I want the flexability, simply becasue the house deserves it. The current setup is just ok, and I'd like something a bit more high tech for the entire house. The ZR-4630 looks like a nice unit, a... 
Best 5 channel amp musical
Anthem MCA-5 or 50... Maybe you should have asked, "What is the best 5 channel amp for music UNDER $2000?". 
Whole House Audio
Thanks for the suggestion. I have actually been looking at the Niles ZR-4630. But, would like to find something that is a processor only, not amplified, and be able to use my MCA-20 (2x200watts) to power everything. Does a product such as that exi... 
How much does your system retail for?
$31k and climbing. 
Recommendations on a 3 channel amp?
I have a Krell KAV-250a/3 that is for sale. It's the best HT 3 channel amp I've ever had and does music equally as well.I've gone the dedicated 2 channel route, though, so it has to go. 
bi-amping with Mc352 and Mc2102
I have a MC352 powering my McIntosh LS360's. They can play at concert levels with no distortion and sound amazingly sweet. I plan on getting another MC352 and use them as monoblocks. You might consider unloading that 2102 and getting another MC352... 
Which speakers for mcintosh mc352
I recently got a pair of McIntosh LS360's and a MC352. The combo sounds amazing. So good, that I am now considering buying another MC352 to run each one mono. As Jaybo suggested, I purchased all this from Mike Sastra at AudioClassicswww.AudioClass... 
McIntosh repairs - who?
Antique Audio & Radio Service8795 Corvus StreetSan Diego, CA 92126Phone: 858-271-8294I have used Mike before and he does excellent. Factory authorized technicial who can be found on the McIntosh Service and Support web page. 
McIntosh repairs - who?
I recently had my C712 cleaned and a new volume control module installed by Mike Zuccaro. McIntosh factory authorized service technician:Antique Audio & Radio Service8795 Corvus StreetSan Diego, CA 92126Phone: 858-271-8294Email: mjzuccaro@aol.... 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Normal Labratories in Norman, Oklahoma. Still have a pair of their 3 way floorstanders from the late 80's. Great speakers.