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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Flim &/and the BB's - Tricycle  - Not sure if it's obscure but great music nonetheless.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YCgIorbove4 
Artists you feel you can rely on, buy any new album unheard.
Flim &/and the BB's 
Perfect Pop Songs
A sincere thanks to all taking the time to respond to this. I can almost see the smile on some of your faces as I read your posts.I'll add a song that stuck in my head as a kid.Winchester Cathedral - The New Vaudeville Bandhttps://m.youtube.com/wa... 
New Mag-Lev Turntable
It seems that the vertical tracking angle would be difficult to maintain  between lp's of dirrerent mass. 
Inexpensive way to test Litz wire
Aintitgr8,I really just want to determine if I can tell a difference sonically.  This would be system dependent and subjective at best.  I can perform a frequency response test but I suspect that any difference would be difficult to discern.  I th... 
Soundtracks that you listen all the way through and it's all great.
The GooniesSomewhere In Time