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What's your profession? Age?
32 years old, 50 hr/week slave grinder (accountant). System goes for about $12000 at present. 
How much does your system retail for?
$9000 for 2-ch (actually paid $6700) and another $2800 for HT. I'm guesstimating $17000 for cd's and LPs.This thread has been a fun read. I was surprised at the number of individuals that have $100,000+ systems. Believe me, if I had that kind of c... 
Which artists do you just not get?
I don't get the Diana Krall thing either (and believe me, I've tried). My wife's a huge fan, so we've got the cd's, been to the concerts, etc. etc. and yet I still don't get it.Nice legs, 'tho.  
Personal amp evolution
kenwood systemSansui ampYamaha RX750 receiverAcurus A80 ampBryston B60 integratedBryston 3BSTWould like to eventually get a Bryston 4B 
Personal speaker evolution
kenwood system, new, $400 (my first "system")Boston Acoustics, used, $200KEF Q60, new, $750 w/ Paradigm SW100 subPARADIGM, 7SE, new, $600 (first floor standers)PSB STRATUS MINI, new, $1100 PSB STRATUS SILVER I, used, $1200(all prices CDN $)looking...