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jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs. bel canto ref1000
>> How did midrange (vocals especially) compare?The MK1 was slightly more transparent than the MK2 in the midrange, with the nod going to the MK1 for vocals. The two amps are extremely close in performance. The MK2 had more extension on top ... 
jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs. bel canto ref1000
After comparing the Bel Canto Ref 1000 mk1 and mk2 versions last weekend, the consensus was that the mk2 was a bit more extended in the treble, while the mk1 was a touch more transparent overall and more engaging. A minor caveat is the mk1 in this... 
jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs. bel canto ref1000
I can't affirm that there's a graininess to the highs... but, I will say that there is a very slight glazing in the midrange though that's noticeable in comparison to a tube amp I've heard in an A/B comparison.See you this Sunday Guido? 
cary 005 any news about it ?
Dennis Had remarked that it would be $7,000, and that the external power supply seen in the photos (on their website) is only a prototype. The production power supply will be sized so that the main pre chasis can rest atop it.In terms of sound qua... 
PS Audio P500 and the ExactPower EP15A
Thanks for your responses. It sounds like the ExactPower unit might be the way to go.Thanks, 
Spacedeck Owners: Have you experienced this?
Thanks Aisip.While following your advice, I noticed that the motor groove--along which the belt hugs--was gunked up. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and q-tips, and presto, everything's better now. Nice and smooth. 
A possible upgrade to JM Lab Electra 926s-advice?
Thanks for the responses. I heard the 926s the other night, and they're better in quite a few ways. 
Austin , TX .
Count me in, too. :-) 
Best way to spend my income tax refund
Talk to Steve McCormack about what the uprgade will mean to you, and what it will do to your system. He's incredibly cool, and it seems to me that he takes an earnest, honest approach when answering questions about his upgrades. I've heard his upg... 
Which Sub Woofer is good for my 2 channel system
I just purchased a Martin Logan Depth for my 2-channel system recently. I chose the Depth after an exhausting search for the "right", musical subwoofer. I listened to subs from Velodyne, JM Lab, REL, Titan, VMPS, and Martin Logan's smaller Grotto.... 
Shanling CDT-100 Great or Bad ?
I'm rather familiar with the Shanling's sound (not modified), and find that it's a solid buy. Like most solid buys, you'd have to spend significantly more to justify spending more. It doesn't do anything annoying, which is good, and it's easy to l...