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Anyone listen to entire albums?
I noticed that when streaming, if I don't like the album, I often don't finish it, and when listening to music from a vinyl record, I listen to it until the end and very often change my mind about the album.  
Moving into an apartment with wood joist floors - worried about neighbors hearing
Oh man, thanks for the tip! I have been trying to find a reason for a divorce for a long time, tomorrow I will move my speakers closer to the wall behind which my wife sleeps:)  
Borresen Loudspeakers
I am the happy owner of Raidho D.1.1 and I can recommend these speakers to anyone who can afford them! They are so great that I am sure they will be the last ones I will own for the rest of my life!  
What Integrated Amp do You use
@izjjzi¬†you'll be very happy with your new Macintosh MA12000, it took them almost four months to deliver my order, but it was worth waiting!¬†