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NAD C399 connected to the Nalai Hypex 500 Monoblocks as a preamp.
I appreciate your feedback, Only time will tell. I originally wanted to get my hands on the NAD M 33, but at  $3000 difference in price, it seems like a hell of a bargain. I will be getting the monos in on Friday.  I wanted the power of the M33, a... 
Purify 1et400a vs 1et7040sa vs 500 Nilai
to be honest, I didn’t, until I spoke to a dealer at deer Creek audio. I think I may end up going for the dual mono blocks. The dealer said he could give me 5% off an open box on just the stereo which I may do as well.  
NAD c399 integrated amp and what DAC?
Thanks for responding on the fly, I tend to like a warmer sound with some “gusto”. Something that can add presentation and depth. I also favor more mids and highs than bass.  
What are my options for music files, CD rips, and a DAC all-in-one solution?
I have the NAD C399 Integrated amp. Has a very good DAC along with some other goodies. Not sure how you feel about BLUOS.  
Denon x4700h DAC change
Thanks for taking the time to chime in everyone. Much appreciated! I knew this could be the go to place to help me with my decision.  
Denon x4700h DAC change
Thanks for the info. I am leaning towards keeping it. I have my faith in Denon. Thanks for your research much appreciated.  
Denon x4700h DAC change
Thanks for posting. Not able to compare. Maybe at this point it's just principle of Denon hiding it until someone discovered it and many consumers called them out. You want what you pay for. It sounds good to me, but could it sound better?   
Thanks everyone for your replies. So I'm wondering if I should return the amp and get the Parasound a52+. The amp I am receiving tomorrow is the Anthem MCA 525. I originally was waiting for the Parasound, but noticed this thing and was impressed w... 
Thanks to both for the quick response! Much appreciated. Now, I just need a head shrink for the Audiophelia Nervosa I have...  
Bookshelf speaker for an apartment
I may get laughed at, but I have the Pioneer EBS/73 bookshelves and they rock. $400 a pair maybe a little lower. Has anyone else had a chance to listen to these speakers? 
Thanks, itsjustme. Through my research regarding XLR, the info is on par with what everyone mentioned. I needed reinforcement from some other experts before I pulled the trigger. Marantz advises against it per the manual. They recommend to swap th... 
Thank you both for responding. Each makes total sense. Had to hear it from some veterans!Anthony 
Center speaker channel indicator light
Thanks for the advice. Makes total sense.  
Center speaker channel indicator light
Thanks for responding. It’s a Carver HTA5A.  Five channel amplifier.  It has panel lights for each channel. When playing in stereo mode and I increase volume to around -10 to -5 DB the center channel indicator light will pop on then go out in abou... 
Carver HTA5A