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Recommend speakers for Hegel H190
@grislybutter This is a post from a couple of years ago. I ended up buying Dynaudio Contour 30. I have really enjoyed the combination with Hegel. Cheers.    
Recommend speakers for Hegel H190
Thanks everyone. Your advice is really helpful and it will give me a good place to start my exploration. I live in a relatively small city and I do not have many options to audition equipment locally. So I want to put together a list of options an... 
Recommend speakers for Hegel H190
Thanks @soix It is always hard to describe sound, but I prefer a warmer quality and good bass. Wide soundstage and separation are also important to me. I usually play at mid volume, so high sensitivity is not important. 
Recommend speakers for Hegel H190
Thanks for the advise. Much appreciated 
Recommend speakers for Hegel H190
jjss49 You are a great mind. Of course your greatness does not allow you to think that people can acquire gear under many different circumstances, and for a great variety of reasons. If you do not have something useful to contribute, do not waste ... 
Artist you now like that you discovered through your streaming service
Quality Rock/Pop CD recordings
I have these on high rotation and enjoy the sound:Love over Gold - Dire StraitsHats - The Blue NileRay of Light - MadonnaJoe’s Garage - Frank ZappaSo - Peter GabrielSettle - DisclosureThe Color of Spring - Talk TalkRain Dogs - Tom WaitsWalking Wou... 
Trouble casting Qobuz from laptop to Cambridge CXN V2
You are correct, however, the Cambridge App is not great. The Qobuz interface is a lot nicer,  easier to use and allows me to find music and explore. It is just for convenience.I want to control the music from the laptop while I'm working, and I d...