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What is going on? No-one buys good stuff priced right.
There have been several interesting answers above and I'd like to offer some more.....We are living in a time when even relatively "inexpensive" gear has gotten really good sounding.  If you've been in this hobby for any length of time, you star... 
best integrated amp.
Sonneteer currently has 3 products the Alabaster and Orton are both integrated amps and the Sedley is a phono pre-amp.  
Should I buy a phono-pre or Creek phono board?
Disclaimer, I'm the Canadian sales rep for somewhat biased:) But my experience with the Sequel phono modules has been very positive! Not expensive, easy to install and sounds great!  Not to mention as the OP has said, 1 less box and 1 l... 
Who are the most underground high-end companies
So many fantastic companies "fly under" the radar.  I assume many of these brands are unknown in US/Canada as the membership here is predominantly North American.  I guess the bigger question is why are they unknown here?  Have the unsuccessfully ... 
Audio shops, manufacturers LP shops etc. in OC
Here now, going to try and check out a few places! Also going to be on the hunt for vinyl shops! 
Audio shops, manufacturers LP shops etc. in OC
That's something to consider as well, thanks! I see I just miss an OC county audiophile society event on the 19th. 
Audio shops, manufacturers LP shops etc. in OC
Thanks! That looks close to von schweikert as well? 
SS. amp. for vandersteen 3A-signatures
I will also second or 3rd the McCormack suggestions as well as the Ayre.I've heard both with Vandersteen and both sounded very good! 
Best wood for an isolation platform
I was in Ottawa on the weekend (visiting my "under-construction Lenco TT) and passed by the Lee Valley there, but didn't have time to go in. Maybe when I go up again to pick up my TT, I'll have time to wander through. 
Best wood for an isolation platform
Hey, Yes you did updaye me...I just stumbled upon this thread and thought I'd pipe in! I just sold a whack of large platforms to someone building a clone of the Mapleshade rack...should be nice when its finished.Is that tung oil from Lee Valley?Scott 
Best wood for an isolation platform
I'm glad to hear you are happy with the platforms! I've tried to keep the pricing of the platforms as fair as possible and still be competitive on pricing and quality with other major Maple products on the market.In regards to pricing, I have a se... 
$800-$1500 Integrated amps with a subwoofer output
Disclaimer: I sell rega.The Rega Mira is a wonderful amplfier well within your budget and you can connect a sub too it.