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Maynard Ferguson
Yes he was some player.I remember back in the 50's (he's from Canada)Downbeat said you could hear his trumpet across the Great Lakes. 
Personal speaker evolution
Mid 50's Magnavox floor cabinet mono system w/Garard t/t.Very early 60's Janzen 130's w/a 10"Janzen woofers in homemade cabinets.Dynakits mk3 & I forget the Dynakit pre#Dynakit tuner,Fairchild 130B-T/T. SME tonearm V15 cartridge.Late 60's home... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
I agree,the most important component are speakers.Spend as much as you can afford on them.I would better than 50% of your budget.Even if you don't have systems list buy the speakers first then add to them over time.You will often get better bargai...