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Electric bill any high
Thanks! No AC. Must be the fridge! Will look in to it!     
Aurenda and Tidal and Qobuz connect
Thanks everyone. I did get an answer from  aurender that the n100 does,not support tidal or qobuz connect.  I wanted to do this so I could use tidal and qobuz features that are available from their apps.   
Aurenda and Tidal and Qobuz connect
Thanks! Have done that but not heard back.   
Loewe Calida and Roku Streaming
Thank you. There are so many factors to consider,! Here is another one.  Can a 1080i tv accept 1080p from the Roku?The folks at HdFury1 say no and that in addition to hdcp support, I need their HdFury x4 which sells for $279.That's a lot of money ... 
Just curious why MIT cable gets no love. Found used magnum digital reference for a good price, a third of the cost of nbs black label from their discount store.  
Spectral dma-90 and MIT Z center
Thwacks for your reply.I have DMC 20 preamp. I have MIT interconnects and spectral Ultralinear biwire speaker cables.I have theta gen Va DAC and Proceed transport connected with NBS monitor III digital cable. Thinking about replacing the 20 year o... 
Spectral dma-90 and MIT Z center
I got the newer mit powerbar since sung thus qypuestoon. Let.Cd player plugged into digital outlet. 
Proceed transportTheta gen va DACSpectral dmc 20 preampSpectral dma 90 
Can I replaced an attached power cord?
Thanks to all. Is it worth doing this? Between the adapter and the new cord, it will cost me about $100. This is an integrated cd player that i am using as a transport.Arthur 
Speaker Cable Too Short What to do?
Well thank you everyone for your advice. First of all, the MIT/ Spectral are the right cables for my Spectral equipment and they sound magnificent. Secondly, they fit my original and now current configuration. I was trying to re-arrange that set u...