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Zu Druid 6
Phil, By the way, thank you for expressing your opinion about the ClairAudient 1+1. It's hard for some people to accept it because of its small size and price as if they are judging by dollars per square inch, not by sonic result.   
Zu Druid 6
Phil, did you hear the latest ClairAudient 1+1 V5?  
Dedicated circuits
Lots of good information on this thread. Regarding breakers, magnetic type are preferred over thermal as thermal act as a resister, working against dynamic flow. Audience, makes some dedicated in-wall AC power wire as well as duplex outlets under ... 
Audience Au24se vs Au24sx cables
To all of the above posts: I think the general stated views of the SX are correct. Whereas the SX speaker cables are a real improvement over the SE, the SX line up improvements, in my opinion, are in this order - RCA, XLR, Speaker. Having said thi... 
Audience THE ONE on Desktop Need amp
The ONE is a true ONE way, point source speaker without a crossover. There is no crossover like NO crossover. The ONE driver is DIRECT coupled to your power amp. Nothing get's more revealing. "This isn't just another small loudspeaker, it's the st... 
Power cord suggestions for CDP and tube amp