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Newer Blues Artists or Recordings
Danielle Nicole (the best) Joanne Shaw Taylor Samantha Fish Larkin Poe For an older one check out Valerie Wellington her version of smokestack lightnin is amazing!  
Is there a way to switch one set of speakers between two sound systems?
I use the Luxman AS-55. Works and sounds great.  
Turntables: 2 Tonearms. What do you Have or Know About?
Yes Elliot, that is what mine looks like. I have a SME3010R in the back spot and a Moerch DP6 12" on the side.  
Turntables: 2 Tonearms. What do you Have or Know About?
I have a Denon DK2300 plinth with a 10"& 12" arm.    
ZYX "House" Sound
I have a ZYX Ultimate Omega and love it. I think it is more dynamic and a touch less bright than my Koetsu Vermillion. I am also using a step up transformer.  
Mono Cartridge Question
My 1 mil Zero is so much better than the mono switch with stereo cartridges costing 3-5 times the Zero. I have two arms and can switch back and forth while the same record is playing. No comparison! Granted these are with mono albums from the 50-6... 
Mono Cartridge Question
I have 1mil Miyayima Zero and it is amazing! So much better than stero carrridges on mono.  
High end cartridge
Get the best ZYX your budget will allow. They are all fantastic!  
E.A.T. Jo No. 5
Excellent cartridge. Had really nice bass in my system.   
Anyone have a Luxman headphone amp?
Currently using a Luxman CL36U.  
Anyone have a Luxman headphone amp?
I was looking at the Luxman P-1U since I have some other Luxman separates. I don't need balanced outputs. Was wondering if I would get more out of these headphones with a dedicated amp.  
Putting an end to the audio cable debate! Part 1
Shielding is one of the biggest differences as one moves up to better cables. At least in the sub 1k catagory. 
Mono cartridge recommendation
I recently purchased a lightly used Miyajima Zero 1 mil. It is fantastic! A much bigger difference than I thought vs. using a Koetsu with the amps mono switch on. The only problem is now I want more early mono LP's- $$$ 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
Luxman CL36 Ultimate 
Morch DP-8 arm on a Helix Two turntable