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To upgrade from simaudio 3.3i to 600i or not?
Nice speakers. And so you know, if you try the DFPC Signatures, you're likely to notice improved articulation in the base, among other things. Do let us know how things go, whatever you happen to choose. 
None of the above. Start with noise-filtering power cords by LessLoss (DFPC Original or Signature; $595 and $1149 ea., respectively). There's no risk of inhibiting dynamic performance with these power filtering power devices, and their multitudino... 
To upgrade from simaudio 3.3i to 600i or not?
Harris4crna. I don't know how much 15% of your budget is, but 15% or not you owe it to yourself to order and listen to the LessLoss DFPC Signatures (one for your source, and one for your moon 600i). I've had the Signatures on the moon 700i and 750... 
To upgrade from simaudio 3.3i to 600i or not?
Volume-wise you won't get much more out of the 700i; the difference is from 125W/channel (600i) to 175W/channel (700i). And of course ecah time you double the watts it produces only a 3db increase. With only a difference of 50 watts/channel betwee... 
Lessloss DFPC Signature VS Sablon Gran Carona
I own 3 LessLoss Signatures. If you're worried about "sheer size," the LessLoss can be had in various lengths and they're also very light and flexible. So if you ever had sensitive footers, you shouldn't have to worry about whether that important ... 
LessLoss DFPC Signature
You're right, Oyaide couldn't possibly design and manufacture a set of power plugs that happen to perform as good as they look. How did your post not get screened? 
LessLoss Signature vs Synergistic Python CX
You said "Lessloss is an excellent value cord, but misses in the bass and image specificity."What do you mean by "misses"? The primary and dominant function of the DFPCs is to prevent HF noise from entering your gear and causing intermodulation di... 
Audiophile 'Attitude'
Was welcomed into my local audio shop to audition a pair of LessLoss Anchorwave speaker cables on a system I hope to own someday. The manager—who had never heard of LessLoss—quickly points out, in comparison to the Siltec 770L which was already ho... 
Lamm ML 1 best power cable
1. Can you be specific about the weaknesses you thought the Elrod revealed in the LessLoss DFPC. 2. Was the LessLoss DFPC a Signature or an Original?3. On which component did you use the Elrod and the LessLoss DFPC?Thanks