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If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money
Check out the Woo Transport at, I believe, $1,200. I'd be quite surprised if anyone could hear  improvement over that.  
looking to audition Running Springs P C--
Sorry to be source of bad news but I think they're out of business. I'm closing out my models. 
VAC Owners:Outboard Phono Stage?
Hi, As a VAC and Zesto dealer who works with people all over the country I don't understand why you can't demo the Zesto in your own home. We certainly can arrange it if the situation makes sense. Kevin has been threatening a phono stage for at le... 
Magico Mini II vs V2 with Pass amps
Peterayer,As a 4.5 year dealer for Magico I have to agree with both yours and Teajay observations; the Mini is a superior performer for both your reasons. However, I don't think the V2 goes notably lower but it can put out more volume and mid-bass... 
Best Cd Player under $4000?
I agree with Jaybo, find better speakers. That's where you problem is - I used to sell JM lab and the Chorus line was lean and mean - I closed them out fast. Jay 
Salagar Speakers
I'm a Salagar dealer and first heard them with the EAR Acute player direct and that setup worked well enough for me to buy a pair. It's worked great in my store as well. Also, if I may continue to srill a bit, (and I do this about once every 3 yea... 
Soundsmith The Voice
The Voice is a moving magnet. It has .9mv output and loads at 47k like a normal MM. I'm a dealer for them and have 15 other cartridges on demo starting at $900 up to $6000 here (12 tables, 14 tonearms) and can say it is more than competitive - dep... 
Preamps with large display needed for bad eyesight
The Sim are the biggest I've ever seen and, as commmented already, they sound outstanding. yes I sell them but not looking for a sale, just being helpful. J 
Has any one heard Magico Speakers?
Boa,Magico is just setting up dealers now for the first time. Hopefully over the course of 2006 more and more cities will be covered. It takes time to develope a dealer distribution network. Magico is a MFG and not setup to offer retail service, h... 
Has any one heard Magico Speakers?
While I’ve posted to a discussion groups only about twice a year, I have to open my mouth here (and it can get big). First to state upfront; I'm a dealer for Magico and I’ve only recently received my first pair. As a dealer for Avalon, Kharma, Mar... 
Audio Aero Prima CD player vs.Modwright Sony 999es
I would like to clarify the statement regarding FS Audio not being an Audio Aero dealer at the time of his post. When I became an Audio Aero dealer, about 10 months ago, I was told by Audio Aero that I and Sonic Culture where the only two dealers ... 
Audio Aero Prima CD player vs.Modwright Sony 999es
Just to clarify, Frank at FS audio is not an authorized dealer for Audio Aero and does not carry the line. He advertises a zillion lines he does not carry. I realize I'm stepping into it big time, but that is the truth.Jay 
Dk Design VS-1 mkII what tubes are you using??
Tube evaluation for DK Design from Jay of Audio Revelation a dealer for DK. This is the second time I've ever posted please go easy on me if you don't find this appropiate. I very rarely get here to read, just looking around and saw the question. ... 
Has anyone heard the Swan Diva line of Speakers?
I just heard a pair at CES, don't remember which ones but my 2 friends any myself thought they sounded pretty poor. Very hi-fi, very in-involving. Stayed in room less than 3 minuets.Hope that helps,jay 
need help with vinyl
If you can't afford a machine simply use the sink!!! wash them in mild diluted dishsoap, use a carbon fibre record cleaning brush (cheap) to clean. Rinse very well with normal water and do a final rinse with distilled/purified water. Pad dry on a ...