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Lifespan of a quality solid state amplifier?
I listen with Audire equipment.  A power supply capacitor failed in the Diffet preamp and was replaced.  But the almost 50 year old Model 2 amplifier soldiers on without fail and sounds amazing.   
The secret to a great amplifier...
Is fuse rolling a thing now?   
Looking for phono preamp suggestions
I just received a PJL hybrid phono preamplifier. Under 300.00, I'm really amazed at the performance of this New Jersey made phono preamplifier. Check them out 
First Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge Acquisition
I'm using and recommend a Denon DL110 MC cartridge.  Well under 1000.00;  I like that it has a high voltage output not requiring a step up amplifier. My previous cartridge was a Dynavector Ruby.  
Carver ZR-1600 amplifier
Its a pro-sound amp and has only XLR inputs.   
PS Audio Delta 100
vactubesjm1 My experience is the Delta 100 is not the best for detail and imaging.  But it will really drive the Maggies to higher volumes, and thats a good .   Of the amps I have and used to have:Audire Model 2 sounds best.  I love the Audire ... 
Audire Diffet 1 hum 
Audire Diffet 1 hum
It sounds like a 60Hz hum and its constant, does not vary with volume.  The Audire amplifier and preamplifier are both old enough to have just a two prong electrical plug.  
Audire Diffet 1 hum See if you can open this.  There is a little button cap right across the wall power in the preamplifier.  If it is a capacitor, I'm hoping this is the issue.  What do you think? 
Audire Diffet 1 hum
Audire is long gone, unfortunately.   
Audire Diffet 1 hum
Plugged into the same outlet:I disconnected the only input, a CD player, and the hum is present, at the same level..  I also tried disconnecting the preamplifier to check the amplifier. The Audire Model 2 is quiet, no hum.  
Audire Diffet 1 hum
Great information Elizabeth.  Thank you and I'll give your recommendations a try.  Even with the hum, it is a sweet sounding preamplifier, so I wan't to keep it in use.