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Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Regarding the Clarity TC caps in amplifier power supplies. I am using them in a rebuild of my Lafayette KT-550 power amp. I have been very pleased with these caps (I am using the 50uf, 75uf and 110uf values).Compared to the original electrolytics ... 
Lyra Kleos: tracking force/VTA/azimuth questions
Glai,Thanks for the advice. I re-did the overhang and zenith adjustments. They were out of alignment. This improved the Azimuth from 22db to 25db. 3db improvement is noteworthy.I will continue to adjust to maximize performance. That said, I am get... 
Lyra Kleos: tracking force/VTA/azimuth questions
Hi Glai and hopefully (JCarr),I have a Kleos and would like some help with the azimuth. I too use a fozgometer and my Kleos is registering 22db seperation in both channels. That is the highest it will go. I am fairly sure that the azimuth is near ... 
Turntable speed accuracy
After reading the posts, I thought it would be helpful to add my experience with a turntable design that is very unique (at least as far as I know).I have been working for 4+ years on a turntable design that came to fruition recently. The turntabl... 
Power amps for King II speakers
Doug,Which amps to do you use now with your Kings?Also, I have a 14'x17'x9' room. Any thoughts on if the King II speakers are too large? 
AN Kondo IO-m cartridge - Tonearms to cons
Hitari,I too am considering the Kondo IO-m or IO-j cartridge. I am going to use it with my Shroeder Refence (tonearms for which I am a dealer). Whether or not you purchase a Shroeder, my strongest recommendation is that you get a tonearm that has ... 
Optimal loading for the Orpheus
I have had very good success with 1.98gr for VTF. Loading varies too much between phono stages, so I recommend you try many. I have had good success with 47k with the Lyra Connoisseur 4.2P Se, but also good luck with 330 ohms on a Nagra PL-P. 
VITUS SM-100 amp. What do they sound like?
This is a follow up to my post above. I have had the SS-010 with the Coltranes for about 6 weeks. I would like to expand upon a couple of points:a. Naturalness - the sound coming from the Vitus and Coltranes is very very very natural. There is not... 
VITUS SM-100 amp. What do they sound like?
Maxx1973,As promised, here is my feedback on the SS-010 and the Marten Design Coltranes. Please note, I have only had the Vitus SS-010 in my system for 4 days.1. I first noticed that this is the only solid state power amp that I have had in my sys... 
Stand out phono stages
The Aesthetix IO, has wonderful richness, tone and great dynamic weight. I spoke at length with Albert Porter about his cables that replace the IO stock cables. Apparently these cables, along with NOS tubes, materially bring down the noise level. 
Stand out phono stages
Exlibris - have you ever considered a CAT Legend with built in phono stage? 
Stand out phono stages
Fortunately, or not, I have had some of the finest phono stages available in my system over the past few years. Here is a snapshot of my perceptions of each phono stage.Nagra PL-Pbuild quality 9/10useability/flexibility 8/10sound 8/10 fast, clean,... 
Preferred Amps for Magico Mini II?
Thank you, everybody, for your responses. Especially Serus and his detailed response. To power my Mini IIs, I am considering the following amps. Please let me know if you have any thoughts and/or additions/deletions to the list. Note, I have added... 
Transfiguration Orpheus - Has anyone tried it ?
I have recently acquired the Transfiguration Orpheus. If so desired, I can give detailed comparisons to previously owned cartridges such as van den Hul Condor, Lyra Titan, Koetsu Urishi and Ortofon Jubilee. Please let me know.