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A perfect song? What are your choices?
Natalie Merchant - Where I go, also Kind and Generous           Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey Chris Stapelton - Tennessee Wiskey Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing. They just never seem to get old.  If your having a bad day, play them. they will g... 
How important is spending time with your gear?
Ouch, I couldn’t do it.  It would be like having a Yenko Camaro or a beautiful Harley covered up in a storage unit and never driving them. Why?  
High end cartridge
My opinion, you can’t go wrong with a kiseki Purple Heart. I have one on my VPI prime signature with a 10“ gimbal fat boy tone arm.  Approx $2800 You know what they say about opinions 😂    
How long is it taking to receive a preamp?
My Mac C2700 only took 4 weeks. That was back in May.  The one that gets me is, I am still waiting on my MCD600. It’s only been 16 weeks.