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What did you move on to dac or cdp from MF A5 CDP Previous Owners
That's what I pretty much would like to do.  I'm just looking to see if anyone who's had an a5 has a recommendation on a dac they've moved to.  Which Bel do you have? 
What preamps outshine the Aesthetix Calypso?
By the way, I'll be spending some time with it at rmaf this week. 
What preamps outshine the Aesthetix Calypso?
I havevthe calypso and have owned the 868. Comes down to what you like. I prefered the calypso. Maybe you should take a hard look at the Romulus. It's the dac/cd player. Aesthetix is releasing it with an option pre amp volume control. Same setup a... 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Eos vs Callisto Monitor
I have the EOS HD. For a couple years now. Haven't looked at any other speakers since. Great speakers and allowed me to finally sell off a bunch of others.Very easy speakers on amps. I run Art 845s, EAR 534s(Aesthetix pre) with no problems. Also h... 
Best 845 tube out there?
Sophia Electric has them but ouch! I still might order them.Introductory Price (good until December 31, 2010):Option 1: $750 per premium matched pair with one year warranty.Option 2: $650 per premium matched pair with 30 days warranty.Price (after... 
Best 845 tube out there?
Are the SuperTNT 845Ws(2008) the same as the Shuguang 845 Metal Plates(2009)? I have both and cannot tell any difference between them. Sophia Electric sells the 845 Metal plates online.Has anyone tried the 845T at Grant Fidelity? 
Eastern Electric's new tube DAC using ESS Sabre??
reviews here... 
HD radio
Sorry, now that I looked harder, it's actually not a tuner but just a radio with ipod. Never mind. 
HD radio
Has anyone tried this? HD radio with iPod doc. 
E.A.R. Acute Reliability
I've had an EAR 534 for about 5 years now. While other amps have come and gone, that one has stayed. That and my art audio 845. I'm not sure what everyone expects but opening the EAR and looking around is pretty impressive imo. Now, changing the e... 
Is Musical Fidelity a downgrade?
Mrtennis,Have you heard the sabre32 and done a comparison? I don't think the twisted pair are ready for ordering. How about the previous sabre? I've been holding off a DAC for a while now waiting for that as well but I really haven't heard much ab... 
Green Mountain Audio Eos
No. Only the HD was available, an executive, and some older europas. I spent about 4hrs there of which probably a couple listening. I wouldn't call it a review, just a report. I'll wait until I have the real deal fully broken in with my tube gear ... 
Green Mountain Audio Eos
I heard the EOS HD on the 15th and ordered a pair on the 17th. The EOS 1 is no longer a product. The EOS 2 is now the EOS and the EOS 3 is now the EOS HD. I have been looking for a new bookshelf speaker for a while now now. Heard plenty including ... 
Green Mountain Audio Eos
I'm going down to GMA today for a listening to the EOS 3. I'll give some feedback later today.