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Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.
Hi,  it is important to understand that Rome was not built in one day. The Mani2 is your weakest link. The Hana ML cart is excellent. You won’t regret it. But you will need a better phonostage to really enjoy it. Think you will need to spend at ... 
Luxman leaves me wanting
Best recommendation with Devores is Leben. Since your budget allows is do yourself a favor and go for Leben CS600X. You will never look back. Enjoy the music...  
Opinions wanted: 10-30K Speakers for Jazz/Folk
Hi, I have an Audio Note system and my main listening genere is jazz. I started in a different direction but ended up with AN. The sound is extremely musical. You will be immersed in it, not listening to the system. Set up right, the speakers disa... 
Simple, small footprint tube preamp ?
I’m a proud owner of an Audio Note system, and today I bought a Musical Paradise tube amp for 450 dollars as a back up amp. Bought NOS tubes on eBay and Upscale Audio for a total of 680 dollars. I’m pretty exited as a sound engineer told me two da... 
Line Magnetic 845 Premium or Pass Labs INT-60?
Hi Chorus, My main music library consist of Jazz Trio's. With my 300B SET amp, the sound is more intimate, the precise feeling you want to get while listening to old jazz. The Pass is an excellent SS amp, capable of delivering great performance as... 
Pass Labs: INT-60 vs X150.8 + XP-12 Separates
I used my Pass Int-60 with Focal Speakers, 90 db sensitivity. Rocking the room the needle never crossed from operating in Class A to Class AB. Pure Class A is soooo sweet, it is worth it. 
Line Magnetic 845 Premium or Pass Labs INT-60?
Hi, I agree with comments above. I have a Pass Int-60 available for sale (3 months old). I went back to tubes with a 300B SET amp, but my speakers are 93 db. If you are interested in the Pass get in touch. 
Looking for a speaker for my LM 845 Premium
I have a pair of AN J-Spe and they are great with my AN 8W per channel amp. Your room probably will allow the AN E-Spe. Sound is incredible.... 
Speakers good for close to wall placement
+1 for Audionote. I have AN J-spe against the wall in a small room paired with Audionote Meishu Silver Line (8 watts) and sound incredible... 
@rodman99999 what interconnects would you recommend ? 
What s the best Class A integrated tube amp over 80W
Getting my new VAC sigma 170iq delivered next week. Can report soon. Demoed VAC separates and loved the sound 
What's wrong with my speaker?
There is an app for the phone that will measure decibels 
What tube amp for Harbeth 40.1
I have a PrimaLuna Evo 400 Integrated for the past three months. It is an incredible amp. 38w Triode and 70w Ultralinear. And if you need more power, you can roll tubes (KT88, KT120 and KT150) with the auto bias, no calibration required. I listen ...