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Recommendation Tube Integrated
I had the opportunity to hear a Leben CS600X.  Really loved the sound.  Warm, rich, natural sound.  It was a bit out of my price range at the time.  But if I had the $$$.....  
Let's Talk DAC's
Check out the HoloAudio Spring 3 DAC, though it might be just outside the price range you're exploring for this particular system.  I believe their base price is just over $2K, but worth giving a listen.  
Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC
@dw8083 I'm not sure how many hours I have on it at this point, but it seems like it settled after about 2 to 3 weeks of use.  Really happy with the sound.   Right now I have my eye on an Innuos Zen Mk3 to pair with it.  
Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?
My two cents, I probably wouldn't bother with something like that, especially if you're just streaming over the internet.   The only situations where I could see this making a difference would be if you had your digital files already stored on a... 
Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC
@plumptonvinyl  I'm currently using an Oppo disc player to stream from my PC using Audirvana and from Tidal/Qobuz.  I'm definitely planning on upgrading to a dedicated streamer for my next purchase.As far as build quality on the Spring 3, it is ex... 
Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC
@djordan Just saw the review from GoldenSound.  Very thorough and well done.Right now I'm really enjoying the Spring 3.  Fuller midrange presentation and body.  Excellent detail and punch.  Good instrumental separation.  I also realized how quickl... 
Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC
The May DAC was a bit out of my reach financially.  But, hoping the Spring has some trickle down goodness from the May line.Should be receiving mine later this month. 
Favorite cable brand.
I've had great results with Kimber, Audio Art, and Zen Wave.I'd love to try out Cardas some day.  Only heard them at audio shows but sounded great. 
Takedown of pricey servers, streamers OCD HiFi guy
I recall seeing another video from him (OCD Guy) a while ago.  At first I thought it was a parody, misnaming several components and misidentifying their purpose.  Made me laugh.But then I figured out he wasn't kidding and was trying to make a seri... 
For the Audiophile with a taste for good design(looks)....a question.
Solid State:NagraDartzeelSolutionTube:Air TightTronMcIntosh 
Why is there no love for Prima Luna?
I own a PL Dialog Premium preamp and really like it.  When I plugged it in it for the first time, I finally understood what reviews and listeners referred to as "holographic".  Well made, solidly built.  Recommended if this fits someone's budget.I... 
Who, do you think, designs the best looking tube-based devices?
I have been coveting Airtight for years.  Simply gorgeous looking amplifiers.