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What are the "new" brands in amps and pre-amps
Red Dragon Audio. Made in the USA and a terrific price for performance. 
Help with processor decision
Thanks for the advice Jdub39. I'm definitely using the xlr out on the Oppo so I can take advantage of the Oppo's dacs. I'm actually also using the multichannel analog outs on the Oppo for SACDs. I will definitely plan to try out the hdmi out for S... 
Help with processor decision
Thanks again for the input, and I've got the Radio Shack sound level meter on my short list in the near future. I'll definitely play around with the setup with my Oppo and will try to compare directly connecting it to my amp. I definitely use the ... 
Help with processor decision
Dbphd I never even thought about that option. I really am going to have to think about the high quality stereo preamp as a possibility. I think the only drawback to that is if I have more than two hdmi devices to connect, but I suppose a simple hd...