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Roon Endpoint Streamers - Direct Comparisons between Current Offerings?
+1 on the  A Cappella III by Musica Pristina. Under radar boutique, US manufacturer. Between $5,500 and $7,800 depending on options. I use it with my Terminator Plus via I2S and couldn’t be happier. End game for me.   
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
Denafrips T+ DAC made in China. World class quality and customer support from Vinshine Audio at a reasonable price. Most importantly; it sound’s amazing!  
Good Suggestions for Tube Amps under 6k
Audio Mirror Reflection 45s SET monoblocks  for $5K. One of the best bargains in audio today. You can add the Audio Mirror Linea preamp for $3K that replaced my $12K reference grade preamp.  Vlad is great to work with and stands behind his product... 
Warmer class D amps for magnepan?
+1 Orchard Audio  
Considering A 20-40 Watt Stereo SET Amp
Audio Mirror Reflection 45 monoblocks. Amazing!  
Streamers made in America?
Musica Pristina A  Cappella III made in North Carolina.  Amazing sound and quality. End game for me.  
Best Dedicated Streamer
The Musica Pristina A Cappella III streamer is made in North Carolina. With a Nucleus or Intel NUC to run ROON. Couldn’t be happier (end game for me) and Kevin Walsh, the owner, provides wonderful support.    
Recommendation for low to normal level listening a 13.5' x 21' x 8' room
4th recommendation for Cornwall IVs. I mostly listen to jazz atlow levels an these are a fantastic speaker for that.  
Placement of Components
Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. If nothing else, this is a good audio therapy session 😊  
Placement of Components
@tablejockey Good advice!!!    Basically, my concern is that using a pair of cheapish long run XLRs in order to have my components placed on a side wall is creating a bottle neck in my system.   
Suggestions for an integrated upgrade please
Wired 4 Sound STI1000v2. At 460W per channel will have plenty of power to drive your speakers (or just about any speaker) with authority and delicacy. Currently, out of stock at factory but available used. A great audio bargain and you’ll have ple... 
A decent integrated amp under 2K ...
+1 wyred 4 sound  sti1000v2  
RCA vs XLR and Balanced vs Unbalanced
Thank you Millercarbon. So having thing to the side is not that crucial. Better to keep components between speakers with short runs of high quality wire.  
RCA vs XLR and Balanced vs Unbalanced
Thank you all for your input. I am getting a better idea of the what I need and do not need to consider in my decision making process. I am running a Musica Pristina A Cappella III  connected via I2S to Denafrips Pontus that is connected to W4S ST...