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Best Preamp For VAC PHI 300.1
VAC Phi Beta - a match made in heaven! There is a great deal on one now if you do an a'gon search. 
Phono Preamps $500 - $1500
I second Rene's rec. of the JLTi. Amazing phono pre for the price - rivals others up to the $3k price range. 
Sota/Shelter 501mkII - Tonearm Suggestions?
You should consider an Origin Live Encounter. 
Interchangeabe tonearms with RB300
I second Kbell's recommendation of Origin Live tonearms. They have a nice product selection from very reasonable to very expensive and are not only terrific sounding but a great value. I believe Jay at Audiorevelation carries the line. 
Salagar Speakers
I have a pair of Salagar S207's that I have used with my Audio Research Ref 3 preamp as well as driven directly by a Meridian 808. Both sounded terrific - the Salagar is a beautifully designed, very musical speaker. I can't say I prefer one over t... 
Best place to demo small room setup in LA/SD metro
My suggestion would be to contact Jay Kaufman at Audio Revelation (San Diego). He carries many lines of great products and is very knowledgeable and helpful as well as being a hell of a nice guy. I have purchased a lot of gear from Jay over the la... 
Sonus Faber Cremona I need input on this
I owned these speakers for about a year and a half and enjoyed them tremendously. They are not the most neutral and are certainly not the most transparent in sound however they are quite musical and enjoyable. The wife liked them as well because o... 
Power amps for Dynaudio C2's
I purchased as pair of C2's in February of this year and have been driving them with a McIntosh MC352 amp. I have been thru a several amps including Thule, Conrad Johnson and Jolida and the Mac stands out far above any of the others. The combo wit...