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Amazingly Close to Krell Sound
I would second the McCormack DNA 0.5, or 1.0 I have a dna-2and find krell like bass and a slightly warmer sound. Bill 
60 cycle hum
the cartridge is picking up noise from the motor in the turntable probably. grado doesn't sheild cartridge says turntable should be, don,t know about your exact cartridge. Bill 
New blood needs your Amp/system advice, please.
Just for laughs try some different interconnects I had monster m1000 and boomy bass which I always put down as room node changed to straight wire and problem was gone might work did for me Bill 
Help finding a Charlie Byrd album
Music of the Brazilian Mastersdidi Laurindo Almeida Charlie Byrd Carlos Barbosa-Lima 
what do you think?
Hi I have ren 90 speakers and think they are great, very revealing of whats feed them but not forgetting the music. Heard good things about rotel but don't own any. For cables I use straight wire maestro and crescendo, these speakers will show the... 
What happened to the new parasound preamp
Thanks for the update 
any one can help on car cd player
would not swear to it but I think radio in your car must be set up by dealer with tech II tool 
Counterpoint SA-5000 or First Sound Presence Pre
Just for the record I had one of the defective sa-5000 preamps the wiring inside was to short to survive the use of its transport screws broken wires shorted to something inside sent amp into fits welded speaker cones solid they said they would fi...