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software for playing WAV files on MAC? And some other basics...
Another option if she loves itunes is to just convert the wav files to aiff or alac.  There are several options for software for that purpose. 
Spotify Premium vs Tidal ... opinions?
I don't really care if 1080p is better than a black and white Magnavox if the only thing in 1080p is Dr Phil.  Considering the music the OP is looking for I wouldn't worry too much about lossless vs 320k.  Most 50s/60s and classic rock will soun... 
Subwoofer pairing with new Magnepan .7's
Everyone on the internet mentions REL and I'm sure they were great a few years ago but their current offerings just don't perform up to the hype.  The model that I have (T5) cannot play anything below 30hz and bottoms out when trying to do so.      
Gallo Classico Subwoofers
Honestly Underwood's sale is the only reason why I'm looking at these at all.  I was/am having a hard time making up my mind between one HSU ULS 15 and two SVS SB1000.  The pair of Gallos come in around the same price.   
tel t zero vs sumiko s.0
I don't have any specific experience with either sub mentioned but I own a very similar model.  The REL T3 which is an 8" driver with an 8" passive radiator.  While it is fast and tight, it lacks deep bass.  It's rated 6db down at 30hz and you can... 
Why all the love for the TDA1541?
Thanks for the detailed response Doogiehowser. I must fall into the Sigma Delta group of fans as I own both a standalone NOS DAC (Shek D2) and a Magnavox CDB460 and find both to be fatiguing to my ears. To be quite honest I find any of today's "bu... 
Where can I get an add-on shelf for audio gear?
Thanks Timrhu. That might work for my application and the price is certainly right. Any other ideas?