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Do Macs support wndows media player 11
I ripped the cd's to windows Media Player lossless. Is it worth converting to apple lossless (time wise) or would it be easier to rip them again when I get the new Mac? I want to get the best sound quality I can. I've ripped at least 500 cd's. Eit... 
Wndows media player to Apple Itunes
I was talking to a saleman at Comp USA and he said that the mac would be able to read the windows losslees file and that I-tunes would be able to convert it to Apple lossless. I don't know if he was being honest or just said that to make a sale.I ... 
Wndows media player to Apple Itunes
VegasearsIs the apple you have PC compatible or an older model. I'm not sure but I think some Macs are not. I'm assuming all the new Mac models are PC compatible. 
Wndows media player to Apple Itunes
Vegasears,Correct me if I'm wrong, I should be able to plug my external into the MAc and have no problems. What did you do to organize your music ? Did I tunes automatically set up a library? 
How do I transfer files from Windows Media Player
RWI deleted the files from the interrnal hard drive like you said but when I try to play them in WMP10 they don't play. I can play them from the external but not with MP10. When I open the file on the external the Icons look like music match icons... 
What is the sound quality from PC to home stereo.
Kennyt,The Ifinite slopes that I have are the smaller ones from around 1987. I'll look and see which model#. They still sound great. 
What do I need to use my PC as a music server
Jayboard,To back up what I Put on one hard drive, I'll need a second hard drive, is this correct. If so is it easy to do? 
Any info on sqeezebox slim devices?
I've never really looked into DAC's. How much should I spend on one? 
What do I need to use my PC as a music server
Right now a have a Mcintosh C39 Pre Amp, Powered by a Mcintosh MC352, using Infinite Slope speakers. Right now I only use stereo mode. The computer is a Dell, I don't know the series off hand. I would have to buy an external hard drive to rip my c...