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Jitter reduction, best device?
Again, thanks for the responses, this has really been a pleasure and an education. I recently acquired the MSB Gold dac and yesterday I flipped the upsampling switch. It made a big difference in reducing the the edginess of the sound.Prior to the ... 
Jitter reduction, best device?
Wow. Appreciate the responses, email included. Though I won't be getting another dac anytime soon, I'll keep the above recommendations for future reference. So has anyone ever published comparisons of the various devices that reduce jitter? From t... 
How do I bypass KMixer in Windows XP
Newbie question: Why disable kmixer? 
PC Laptop to MSB Gold DAC Suggestions?
Very much appreciate your reply. Somewhere in the back of my mind I've wondered about the M-Audio translation of usb to spdif. I think I'll start a new thread just asking about that issue.Will research the Meridian and the cables you're using. Thanks