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Hattor Audio preamps?
Brilliant - I had a feeling someone here would know! :-) If I opted for the Khozmo dual-mono passive, what resistor arrangement would you recommend?   It would be paired with my Quad IIs and driving Decware HR-1s from a vinyl source. Rplacing the... 
Hattor Audio preamps?
Hi   I'm confused as to the differences between the Khozmo and Hattor passive peamps - is there a simple answer? :-) Thanks  
EAR 859 - Opinions Needed
Fabulous. I run mine into stacked (four of) Quad ESL57 electrostatics with fabulous results. All analogue source(s).Problems? Might be I can detect a slight, very slight, mains hum...although I don't think it's in the signal path, just comes from ...