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Amp recommendation to drive Thiel 3.6 speakers
I’ll bet The Crown Drive Corps would do the job.  440 @ 8 ohm 770  @4 ohm, 1200 @ 2 ohm.  Without  breaking a sweat.    
Rogue Metis vs. Emotiva USP-1
Most negativity about the Emotiva preamp will disappear if you switch from the preamp outs that go to satellite and subwoofer, to the full range outs. I found the hi pass outs glaring; but the full range outs are mellow and fine on my Martin Logan... 
Emotiva RSP-2 Preamp users.
extremely happy. My Vistas had too much bass. Just cut them with the high pass, and sent all the low end to my subwoofer (Depth), PERFECT. Tube-like, but crystalline highs. Built like brick ship-house. 
Magnepan 1.7
I heard them today and thought they had NO BASS at all. WONDERFUL VOICES IN THE CENTER John and Paul sounded live, but they were sterile and nothing below 60 hz.