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Lexicon mc-1 or Proceed avp??
Hello,I have owned proceed, lex DC-1 and MC-1. The MC-1 is the way to fly. Proceed is well built, but lackluster in 7 channel processing. 
Directv booster or amplifier
Hello,A booster most likely is not necessary. Make sure that you are using quad0shielded RG-6 coax, and that you have aimed your dish properly. Up to 100 feet, you will be fine. 
Best Sub - Rel or Vandersteen
Hello,forgive me if I may: I have worked in this industry for 10 years, and have sold both products. I would strongly consider the Aerial Subwoofer. The Rel are not suitable for HT. Their connectivity doesn't lend itself to all HT scenarios. The A...