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speakers for small room
Reference 1 original or Metas. Not sure how they will pair with the Accuphase though. Great match with class AB Luxman or Hegel. Also pairs extremely well with Gold Note IS-1000.  
Best EXTERNAL DAC suggestions
I think many Burr Brown based designs will deliver the warmth that you’re looking for. Bluesound Node uses Burr Brown (except for the latest X which uses Sabre).   check out the Parasound Classic 200 (preamp or integrated) which implements the P... 
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
I had great success pairing the Denon PMA-1600 with the prior R7’s. I’ve since upgraded to Kef Reference series, and many other components along my journey but also still have another system at home with the Denon PMA-A110 and Kef r700’s that’s a ... 
Chord Qutest
I’ve had two different qutest for the past couple of years and no issues with either one. I also use the ifi power supplies.  
AKM makes the best DACs
Different strokes for different folks. I think the various chip manufacturers are all converging on the same goal of “perfection”   I used to hate Sabre dacs but have some newer gear/chips that changed my mind that I quite enjoy listening to.  ... 
If you’ve heard an iFi Zen stream, anything better under $1k?
I had the CXN V2 for a while and it was extremely reliable for me with Roon, Spotify connect and optical (TV). I also have 3 PowerNodes and while very reliable I have had a couple of issues switching between inputs that require reboot to get going... 
Node 2i vs. Cambridge CXN (V2) for Tidal?
I used both and greatly prefer the CXN V2. More features and sounds great relative to cost.