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What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.
I like a speaker that provides a full range sound whether playing fairly loud or quietly. My Salon 2’s manage this now that I’ve added two very high quality subwoofers crossed over around 70hz.   
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
Salk Sound G25 Subwoofers. Two of them, weighing 192 lbs each and beautifully finished in mahogany to match Salon 2’s. Best built and sounding subs I have ever heard. They are so heavy, I’m not sure how Jim and his team managed to handle them duri... 
Ayre QX-5 Twenty steaming performance
Thanks everyone for your input. I look forward to pulling the trigger on a QX-5 Twenty very soon.  
Upgrade from Emotiva XPA1 to Bryston 28bsst2 or Pass X350.8
Thank you everyone for you helpful responses. Sorry I had not responded sooner, as I have been offshore. I have heard mostly good comments in the past about the 28bsst2 series amp and the used prices seem to be coming down now that the cubed versi...