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POWER QUESTIONS for my integrated home theatre/2 channel CJ ET3 SE set up
I have the ET3 and a very similar situation. It drove me crazy but found the source -- dimmers in other rooms. I thought it was an issue with pass-through but found that if I turned the volume up while on any source with pass-though disabled (no... 
$1000-1500 range for phono preamp... what to buy?
I'm running a Heed Quasar with a Dynavector xx2.  New it comes in a bit under your budget at $1200. 
Sony HAP-Z1ES and Denafrips DAC
I can't help on the first point but on the second I've seen the same thing with my HAP-Z and Marantz SA8005.  It happens occasionally when the bit rate changes.  Like you say, changing tracks again or hitting pause/play sets it right.   
Sony HAP-Z1ES static?
That's great, it seems the USB connection was the problem.  I think from a result point of view that's similar to using an isolator - basically removing the direct USB connection.  Glad to hear you figured it out.  When I had a ground loop probl... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES static?
Well it was worth a try. USB connections can be a bit noisy, you could try an isolator like the Intona. Not an inexpensive experiment but being you only hear it on the USB connection it might help. I use one because of a ground loop I had with a... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES static?
Interesting, I've noticed something similar. Does it sound like "interference"? I'll notice it once in a while with no pattern.  Just a guess but I think it's something with the wifi connection amplifying a noisy internal computer operation (dis...