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Advice For Audio Refinement + Vandersteen Combo?
Hello,I had the 1C's and I could never wake them up,the 1C's are just too polite.Ran them with Rogue and McCormack amps,they always left me wanting more.As far as the cable upgrade I used Alpha-Core Goertz MI-2,it helped a little but I moved on fr... 
A trick with Scotch Whisky
Great Tip,You can also turn budget beer into a strong inport with a toutch of ISO-HOPS,instant green bottle. 
The most emotional amp out there?
Just some,Conrad-Johnson,Cary,Quicksilver,nice old school mids and then some. 
is the nad 2400/1600 combo right for klipsch forte
Hey,The Fortes will almost allways be forward,they are best with gear like Conrad-Johnson,Cary and Belles..If your going to keep the NAD combo you will need a warm CDP and cables..Something like Rega-Planet,Cal-Icon.(300-350).Cables like Discovery... 
Did you ever just want to simplify?
Yes,done just that!Woke up on the wrong side of the bed,looked at the audio rack and said your outta-here.Put together a small bedroom system with a big fat fleshed out mid-range that calms the soul,very happy,for now?JVC-XL1050Conrad-Johnson MV-4... 
Bonzo's drum sound
All Real,Heavey handed"feel"player with wide open drum tunning and squeaky"speed-king" bass drum pedal.Great for that band.. 
What ss amp/cables to use w/ARC SP9 MKIII preamp
The two that come to mind are the Audio Research 100.2 and the Belles.Both amps.are involving and you can listen to them long term with no fatigue. Don't change your cables until you settle on your amp. and listen to your 'new' setup.You might not... 
Amp upgrade +or- 1,000
Your Klipsch are very easy to drive,so you can end up with many amp. choices that will work well.The two that worked for me were..McCormack DNA.05 nice solid-state..Rogue Audio 88 all tube amp. 60 watts nice,plenty of power..Both amps. are under y... 
Need to know the bias on Golden Tube SE-40
Hey Neil,The bias voltaage is 635-640mV..To get some extra air and soundstage try using some NOS Sylvania or Tung-Sol for your 6SN7's..I always liked the stock 5881 Sovteks for power.. Good Luck 
Need New Cartridge Recommendation
Thanks to everyone for their recommendations and feedback.There's alot of good deals out there and that makes it hard to choose.I can say for shure I'm glad I got into vinyl.."HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL"