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Musical Fidelity A3cr Power Amp ?Break-in Period?
They need a good 200 hours of break-in. But then they sound very 'natural' and the mid range is very revealing.The bass is adequate without any overhang, or boom. Impressive stuff for the money- and they look good too!! 
Review: Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker cable
The Blue Heavens have been in an on and off service for the past five years! In a particular system they sound a bit bright, and in another they sound excellent- just a bit light in the bass department. But overall they are excellent value for mon... 
Review: Musical Fidelity A3CR Preamplifier
Excellent review Hifive! 
Review: Musical Fidelity A-3cr Amplifier
I agree. The MF's area a great bargain. It shows that expensive does not always equate with quality. They produce such a natural unfatigueing sound that you tend to listen for hours, across a wide range of musical genres. A very high compliment in... 
Dynaudio C2 at the NYC hifi show
Thanks guys. I am thinking of buying a pair of C4's. Your feedback is very helpful. I know that you should listen before you buy, but I bought the Contour 3.3 and these sounded fab. From my experience, and reviews, Dynaudion is an exceptional comp... 
Suitable amplifier for Dynaudio Contour 3.3?
I have been using a Musical fidelity A3 CR pre and power amp combination, and the Rotel RB 1090. These drive the Contours excellently. Front end is the Sony SCD-1. I also employ a REL stadium sub. The sound is robust and very natural, and unfatigu... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
Well, I can understand all the reasons why anyone should stick with his speakers for more than five years. I own a pair of Spendors LS3/5a, and they beat any speaker for imaging. But then again I appreciate my Dynaudio Contour 3.3, because ON THE ...