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Anyone here tweak any Legacy Focus speakers?
I have changed out my Focus domes to a scan speak dome D2905/9900 The mids to Eton 7-300 and the sub woofers to CSS Trio 12's I left the 12" woofer in place which is the transition driver and the ribbon tweeter due to the smoothness of those drive... 
Bay Area Audiophile Society Northern California
This link doesn't work? Do we need to re organize the club? 
Legacy audio Signature lll speakers.
http://www.soundocity.com/Gallery.htmlI mounted these with wood screws and gorilla glue. They provide the fondation and adjustment you will love. I wish that every Speaker company started with this kind of base.Cheers 
Legacy audio Signature lll speakers.
I currently have both the focus and the Sig's with a Mac 352 and 2200 pre and found them seamless. They need an amp with high current. My mac is 100 amps and is very good at controlling the speaker. I also would add that adding good speaker stands...