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How did U get into this expensive hobby?
Well one day long long ago...well not that long ago. when i was 15 I walked into costco saw some big klh floorstanders for 80 bucks each and right then i knew i had to have them..a few days later hooked up to my 15 wpc aiwa mini system. the diseas... 
Nad or Jolida....That is the question...?
Thanks!..my spkrs are 8 ohms. And the kina music i listen to is rock,reggae,some rap,classic rock,instrumantals..like santana. Are any of these amps for me?...Also what other brands/models do you reccomend? Thanks :D 
Nad or Jolida....That is the question...?
Hey thanks for the responses...still have a long time until its time to buy so i have plenty of time to research,decide. By the way OZ..I have Clarity Wires which i know only you and response audio sell. And i really love them..i got the "emberglo...