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Art Audio Vinyl one vs Sutherland PhD
Just a couple of words. I have done a side by side of the K&K kit and the Art Audio V-ref. The K&K kit was built with S&B step-up transformers instead of the Lundahls and had a few "upgraded" parts. (cost was around 3K) This was before... 
What about JA Michell tecnodec
I have the Technodec and have upgraded it a bit over the last few months as the budget and my interest in vinyl has grown. Here are my observationsÂ… It plays music. What I mean is, that it is true to the album. No mid-bass bloat or etched highs. T... 
Bias adjustment in Cary SLI-50 integrated amp
I own the sli-50 also. Auto biasing acording to Kirk and the owner's manual. Cheers, 
Tube rolling in Cary SLI 80
I own the SLI-50 (Little brother to the SLI-80). Like the others here I agree the gain stage is where the "rubber hits the road" as far as sound goes. Change the 6922's first. Then move on down the line. The other tubes just won't have as dramatic... 
Steve Huntley Mods
Just recieved a great e-mail from him on upgrading my 850. Here is his address. shuntley@greatnorthernsound.comHope that this helps.Cheers, 
Audio Physic Virgo w/ Cary CAD 300SEI
Thanks for the insight. Did you run the avanti-centures with any other amps? I was wondering if an increase in watts would improve speaker performance above the 15 provided by the Cary (Not that the sound isn't great, I'm going off the Stereophile...