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Best musician in the world?
Richard Thompson 
Worst Music of All-Time
Worst individual track ever: "Mommy, Can I Still Call Him Daddy?" by Dottie West. It's available on CD, although I have the equally shameful LP (higher fidelity lousiness). This song is spectacularly, staggeringly bad. Worth buying as a torture tr... 
Help! Linn, Sota, or Micro Seiki?
Look for longevity of design and a clear upgrade path for the future. Get a used LP12 and have a dealer tune it up. When Linn introduced the Cirkus bearing for the LP12 a few years ago, many owners traded in their relatively new bearings. There ar... 
Recording vinyl to CD/MD for portability
Used Linn Basik or Axis with K9 cartridge. Have a dealer look it over and tune it up. 
Linn owners!
I have tried AQ cables, with no success. They sounded thin and unfocused. I switched to Linn K400 and they sound great, very open and with cleaner bass. I've used them with Helix II, Keilidh, and Kaber Loudspeakers, but not Tukans.