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Transport Recommendations
I second the vote for the Rotel. I use the DT-6000 as CD transport which is very good in sound. Plus I use the DAC for my Volumio Rivo streamer with an external LPS. All in all for about 4K. Lovely sounding system.  
Streamer question
I went from an Bluesound Node 2i to a Volumio Primo with significantly improvement on sound. Then I exchanged the Primo with the Volumio Rivo and added an external DAC and a linear power supply (Farad 3). Now I am really happy. Sounds great  
Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing
Hi. ┬áSince some months I have the Rotel DT6000. First I used it as CD Player only. But in parallel I tested my Streamer a Volumio Rivo with the Rotel as DAC in comparison to Chord 2Qute which I used for some other tests before. I preferred the Rot...