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Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions
I want to thank everyone for your thoughtful recommendations. We'll probably do some serious evaluations this coming weekend and then decide which way to go.  
Transport Recommendations
I've had a NuPrime CDT-8 Pro for just over a year. Thus far, it has worked without any problems and the sound quality is probably the best I've had in digital. I'm using it with a Micromega MyDac connected via an Audioquest Coffee S/PDIF. It also ... 
Balanced vs. Single Ended Interconnects
My experience has been that I've noticed only a modicum of difference between XLR and RCA, though the bulk of my system is unbalanced, thus RCAs have always been the most prevalent. The most significant differences between interconnects that I've ... 
Wireworld Eclipse 8 compared to Analysis Plus Solo Crystal
Thought I'd chime back in since I have now acquired a pair of balanced Eclipse 8 interconnects. First, the old truism about system matching is definitely true here. I used them for some time in one spot, but needed to remove that component so I no... 
Wireworld Eclipse 8 compared to Analysis Plus Solo Crystal
I have both the WW Eclipse 6 and Eclipse 7 interconnects along with the AP Solo Crystal in my system, but not the Eclipse 8s, which I'm also curious about. I find the differences very subtle between the Eclipse 7s and the AP Solo Crystals. Both ar... 
Power Cable Suggestions
Having seen both the WW Electra 7 and AQ Thunder mentioned here, if you can find a Thunder used close to your budget, go for it. I just obtained a Thunder a week ago and installed it on my preamp replacing a WW Electra 7. Major difference and impr... 
System Rebuild
Have you considered the KEF LS50 loudspeakers? I personally haven't heard them, but between the awards and reviews, they may be well worth auditioning.  
Power cords: does SS vs tubes drive a difference
I've never used the Stratus, but I do have a couple of Wireworld Electra 5.2 cables in my system. Neil Gader reviewed these along with a dozen others PCs in The Absolute Sound a few years ago and rated them among the best of the group. They are ma... 
manufactured refurbished
Considering that you're getting a full warranty and coming straight from HK, I'd have no qualms. Although you can never predict the future, whatever problems the equipment had should have been resolved with either replacement or repair of the part... 
And opinions/experience w/Parasound ZDAC?
I'm also curious as to the sound and in seeing a professional review. The Absolute Sound is apparently planning to have a review on this soon. It appears to be quite intriguing based on its specs. 
Audioquest silver extreme interconnects
What is the bass performance from these? I ask because I know some cables, especially budget ones, that perform well on the highs tend to be weak on the low end.