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Amplifier to pair with NHT 3.3
I use a Rowland 5 with great results. 
Sony NS999ES coax problem
I would check the setting . Is it analog or digital on the setup on the receiver and the out put setting on sony? 
Maggies with Mark Levinson preamp/amp
I used Mark Levinson 23.5 , ML3 to use with Magnepan speaker with great result.I was using MIT cables at the time. 
Sony DVP-S7700 - To fix or to replace???
s7700 is still a better cd sounding player unless you buy a expensive hi-end dvd player. But it is not worth to spend $250 to fix it either, it is better off to buy another s7700 with $250. 
DENON 2900 vs 2910
2910 is the sucessor of 2200. 
Adcom GFA 535II or 545II/suggestions
If you could spend a little bit more, go for Adcom GFA 555 which is a lot better than the other two. 
MIT cables
On the early model of mit, it does roll off highs.but not on the latest one. 
Marantz sr 9200 peak indicator flashing
Thanks again Sean. 
Marantz sr 9200 peak indicator flashing
Thanks Sean,they do have a adjustment to lower the input level.but will it lower the performance.I was just using CD player analog out to receiver.I thought it is a simple connection. 
Best power Cords for DAC
Electraglide Genghlis Klan power cable. 
I'm thinking of trading SP 11 in for 1 w/remote...
I am using Conrad Johnson premeir 14 preamp with remote on Magnepan 4a with good result.The power amp is Mark Levinson 23.5a and ML3 . 
Levinson 23 or 331 - which one would you take?
levinson 23 sound much better than 331 to me.If both are the same price, I will go for 23. 
Mark Levinson 27.5 or 331 power amp?
I will go for 27.5.or 23.5 
Levinson 23.5 and Biamping Gurus?
Hi, I am using mark levinson 23.5a and conrad johon premier 11a. to biamp my Tympani 4a.If you biamp your speaker, it will provide more dynamic and details.I will agree not to bridge your amp .Although 23.5a could make your speaker sound loud,it w...