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I picked up a CD about a year ago called "El Cielo" by a band called "Dredg". IMHO one of the best recordings to come around in a long time. Other than this, I have nothing to list that hasn't already been listed. 
Rare Music?
Jeffloistarca,I looked up Spooky Tooth, says Gary Wright is (was) the front man - the "Dreamweaver" guy. Pretty interesting... 
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OzI swear that link worked earlier, but it didn't work for me just now either. I did however repeat the search and I found the album again. When you get to the LBB-2 album on Yahoo, click the link that says "more albums by this artist" - below the... 
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Wmcmanus - OOPSI am embarassed to say that I was quick to respond about "Klaatu". They are not that band I thought they were. I just recieved clarity from an authority on this subject (a.k.a. Dad) and I was in fact confusing the name "Klaatu" with... 
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Unsound,No offense taken here, I agree with you - but I think I need to clarify a bit.My impression of this site is that all of us share an overwhelming appreciation for a quality recording - where ever that may fall in our individual spectrums. A... 
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Ozfly,I found the Colin James album on Yahoo:http://shopping.yahoo.com/shopd=product&id=1921150528&clink=dmmu.artistNo luck on the Passport album... 
Rare Music?
Wmcmanus, Klaatu!!! Man if they are who I think they are, then that is a group I haven't heard for quite sometime. I can't describe them any better than you did, sort of a spacey sounding music that was mostly (if not all) instumental, and continu... 
VA: Anybody in southern VA interested in an audio club?
SO what was the verdict on this? I live in VB and am interested as well, although it sounds like we have quite a broad Geography between us. 
Personal speaker evolution
EPI (Inhereted from dear old dad)BoseKlipschCurrently at a 7+ year old set of Mirage Bipolars (I hear that they are not for everyone, but I sure like them).