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Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 comes with USB cable
Thank you. I did not even think to use YouTube.  
Next Best Upgrade for Tidal MQA?
I also have a Marantz AVR for HT purposes but run a Primaluna integrated for the mains and only use the Marantz via HT bypass. Getting rid of the Marantz for your mains will definitely be a successful upgrade. Also I use the internal DAC within Bl... 
Looking for a low heat tube amp
After reading all the great input and suggestions, I decided to jump on a Cayin A-50T which does not meet the criteria of low heat but I got a good deal. I'll just sweat more. Thanks everyone for the input.  
Looking for a low heat tube amp
I am currently renting so adding an additional vent is not an option but I could route the airflow a little better with a different vent cover. Thanks for the tip.The Decware and the Jolida are solid options.Thanks guys for the help.  
Apple TV Streaming Sound Quality vs Streamer?
Ditch the Apple TV for Tidal and use an older Mac mini. HDMI out to the TV for the video, USB DAC of your choice. Set the correct output device via the MIDI settings. I'd keep the ATV for the video content just route the TVs digital output to a pr... 
Vintage repair New Orleans area?
Tom,Did you use Westbank Audio for service? I am trying to find a NOLA area repair shop as well.  
Looking for amp advice (punk, rock & reggae edition)
Huge punk and reggae fanboy and here is what rocks my office daily for about 6 hours a day (get ready to laugh but it works):- TubeCube 7 _roughly 7 WPC from the 4ohm taps ($180 standard tubes & power cord)- Energy A3+2 (free from a body of mi...