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Audio Desk & it's service
Their best unit by the video it has modulating sweep tone (?) 
Hartvig TT signature vs TW Black Knight
Congratulations!Welcome to Raven users "club" ! reference and very musical turntables.. 
Let's share secrets of Lamm 6C33C tubes
6c33c does need testing/matching in BAT. The nature of "balanced bridge" dictates matched by plate voltage offset. Call Victor and he should be able to explain in-depth if needed. 
Hartvig TT signature vs TW Black Knight
Dreamauduio, TW Anniversary has also battery-buffered power supply (kind of Black Night has). The main difference to Hartwig - as I've already mentioned - is the more massive platter of copper, less prone to stylus drag. Because of that my choise ... 
Hartvig TT signature vs TW Black Knight
As an owner of TW Raven Anniversary (nearly BN table) I would suggest to compare the weight/composition of the platter and the torque from the 3 synchro motors at TW.Engineering for BN is a top-notch and surpasses the Hartwig by a margin. You shou... 
$18k Tube preamp for large scale symphonies please
Russian 6C33C Tube Testing and Matching
If I'm not mistaken the Amplitrex with adapter allows only up to 150mA for a 6C33C. For example, BAT use slightly more than 200. So I would consult manufacturer as a first step. 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Could someone please recommend a cap (or a combo) for the Audiotechnolodgy middriver in a crossover? I plan to use the Duelund copper VSF for the RAAL tweeter. AT is a little bit on a warm side warm and Duelunds for them are too expensive for me. 
6C33C-B tubes
As for the life expectancy - it depends on stress for 6C33C in amplifier. According to your amp it's similar to my BAT so I would guess it'll be about 2000-2500 hours. I'm pretty sure that $40 for a NOS pair isn't a big issue...There is also 6C18C... 
6C33C-B tubes
Testing 6C33C at home isn't a trivial task. They are power hungry and could be very unstable due to heat fluctuations. The only market tester capable of is the expensive Amplitrex (but the current will be still limited). My advice is to get NOS ea... 
Best Tube Pre-Amp under 4K
Second for BAT VK-51SE. 
Back to tubes?
I would look for used BAT 51SE. A bargain at these prices IMHO with all the attributes of clear and non-colored, great textured amplification. 
Anyone compared BAT Rex vs. Atmasphere MP-1?
Just to add my 2cents for this duscussion..I'm a happy owner of BAT 52SE (a "little brother" of REX). I would also describe this "house sound" as breathing transients, superb textures and very resolving. Nothing compared with usual "tube coloratio...