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Listening position/speaker position
Jim Smith would tell you to first find the location in the room where your listening position has the most even bass.   Then set your speakers according to his rule of thumb of 83%.  The overall best setup in your room will likely be within a foot... 
Does anyone have any recent experience with Kharma loudspeakers?
My dB11-S project a huge sound stage on my room.  Instruments/Singers are all placed correctly in perfect scale.  I came from SF Strads and the Kharmas retain the warmth I was familiar with but just have ‘more’ clarity and detail.  
Does anyone have any recent experience with Kharma loudspeakers?
I purchased the dB11-S from Mike at Suncoast in December ‘21 to replace my beloved SF Stradivaris.   I couldn’t be happier with the upgrade.  Impeccable build quality and highly musical SQ.  They have more of everything over my Strads. i also aud... 
Best tube preamplifier for under $15k
I am surprised there is so little love for the magnificent McIntosh C1100 which can be found used for less than $10,000.   Insert some Gold Lions for a little extra pop and air and you have a world class Pre Amp. 
MQA•Foolish New Algorithm? Vote!
No, very happy with current open source FLAC and DSD recording. 
Infinity IRS Betas - proper amplification
I ran my Betas with a McIntosh MC352 on the subwoofer panels and a Threshold S/100 on the upper panels.   Then replaced the Threshold with a McIntosh MC452.   Yes, I am sorry, almost $9000 of amplifiers.   The more power the better.  Any amplifier... 
Sonus Faber Driver Blowouts
I agree with others, find a stereo amplifier that has enough current to reach its rated output into a 2 ohm load.   Generally, while your Anthem is a fine surround sound processor, an outboard two channel amplifier will have a much bigger transfor... 
New system has fatiguing, harsh high frequency sounds. How to fix?
First, I would add sound absorption of some sort, at the first reflection points and on the wall behind the speakers between them.Second, play with the toe-in and rake of your front speakers.  Third, consider, as your budget allows, equipment upgr... 
Infinity RSIIa Equalizer
I still have the speakers listed elsewhere with the bass contour EQ.  The emims were sold to a friend with Betas. 
Infinity RSIIa Equalizer
Thanks for the response. That opens up a whole world of possibilities to tweak things. BTW - I am a hoarder and have spare EMIMMs ;) but have not used any of them. My speakers are fully original except for the foam surrounds which were replaced ab...