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Speaker Cables : Moderate priced
If you’re looking for musicality, Duelund Coherent Audio makes both 12 and 10 gauge tin-plated copper in oiled cotton that sound great for the money. Pair with some rhodium-plated connectors and you’re in business. The $1500 price point won’t be a... 
Furutech FP-314Ag-II vs FP-S022N
Hi Marco, I currently run an S032 with FI-15 rhodium connectors in my preamp (Adcom GFP-750), and I am consistently happy with it, especially with its performance in the lower registers. I think you’ll be happy with what you got. Enjoy!  
Duelund Tinned Copper Speaker Cables
I’ve run a set of 10 gauge Duelund in my system, and my experience with them is similar to Mitch2’s. They have a tendency to run on the warmer end of the sound spectrum, but they’re not at all muddy or tubby assuming you pair them with the right c... 
Review of Chris' Duelund RCA cables 1m
@celtic66 Thank you so much for your positive feedback and well-wishes. I'm glad you're enjoying the RCAs! And yes, the best way to get a hold of me for now would be through my handle here. Still working on that whole "website" and "marketing" th... 
Bi-Wire Cables under $350 (Used or New)
+1 on the Canare 4S11 and Duelund options. I was very happy with my Canare speaker cables, though I switched from those to Supra Quadrax (also within the $350 budget with reasonable connectors), and I have not regretted it.