Responses from curtis

Old receiver, need more inputs
There should be a tape monitor button from the front. There should also be a tape monitor input in the back. The tape monitor should have two sets of rca inputs. One set in and one set out. Plug your cd into the tape monitor/in set of rca. Make su... 
Why do amps sound different?
You don't listen to an amp. You listen to a system. 
McIntosh MC-60 Binding Terminals
I will also be interested in the information for a good Mcintosh technician especially in the southern california area. I have a Mcintosh 225 that needs to be check out. Thanks. 
What Happens When You Die?
I pray everday they have tubes in heaven. I know the bias is too high in hell. curtis. 
How To Remove Woofers On Alon II's For Upgrading
i believe alon has a screw that can pull the woofer out from the front. please contact them. curtis. 
More questions from Chris L.
just keep in mind that retail price or manufactur suggested retail price is just exactly that. what ultimately counts will be what you get with the price that you paid. curtis. 
is there really a need for two subs?
you need to decide if you want nondirectional bass or quality non directional bass as it affects your music enjoyment profoundly for all the reasons stated above by other members. 
Best small monitor speaker 4 small room acoustics?
i have good results with totem one andproac response two monitors. if you want floor standing, the proac 1.5 is also wonderful. the totem will need mor power to drive. i am using proac 1.5 with mcintosh mc30 amps. good listening to you. curtis. 
analog gurus, please help, cartridge too light?
dear gurus, thanks for the comments so far. i am hesistant to add weight on the tonearm just to get this thing balance. taping a penny to the headshell came to my mind but i was a little apprehensive about stability. i have to admit i bought the t... 
where does one buy leadshots for loading spkrs?
hi, thanks for all the great suggestions. i didn't know that i need to wear glove to handle lead so thanks for the headup. i will look into this micrefill material. also you are right that the totem speakers are rear ported so there are two holes ...