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What AMP/PRE for Audio Physic Tempo 3i/Cary 303 CD
If i'm not mistaken, most in the AP line are 4 ohms. Keep this in mind. Any tube amp you use should be robust in nature. 
What AMP/PRE for Audio Physic Tempo 3i/Cary 303 CD
I'm for tubes. BAT VK-30SE pre-amp and VK-60 amp. Used, they should be close to your budget. 
Power Amps and Power Conditioners, Do you plug in?
AC power is an area many audiophiles don't pay enough attention to. I have found that the most effective solution is to have an electrician install a dedicated copper feeder cable to a new distribution box in your room. From there, you can install... 
what is the best super speaker and why?
What avantgards and every other good system needs to sound its best is a really good AC power supply. Often in many homes and businesses, several of the outlets are wired to the same one or two 15 or 20 amp breakers. These are used to power the en...