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Cleaning Amplifier & other gears
Is it just called micro cloth or does it have a brand name? Thanks for all your inputs! 
Audio Research D350 info
Thanks Hiend2,Have you had any problem with reliability because I don't want to be lugging this behemoth at the repair shop? 
Audio Research D110 or D111
Sorry, that amp for sale is actually D-350 and the asking price is $550. Do you have any more info on it? Thanks! 
Cleaning & polishing premium-grade speakers
Off I go to Home Depot and find myself some Weimans then. If not, then my kid's pj will do. What do you guys think about sirspeedy's suggestion? I am no wood expert so all your feedback is appreciated... 
Cleaning & polishing premium-grade speakers
Elizabeth & S7horton - thanks for the response. So, I am doing something right after all! The finish looks very shiny and has a clear coating so I am assuming that it has been applied with several layers of varnish. Just to be on the safe side... 
Looking for a new speaker: VR 4 Jr vs. Hps 938
fishwater, what kind of speaker configuration are you using with your JR?